Gordon Setter Hunt Test January 15-16

Miller1j.jpg (98223 bytes)

Miller - 1st JH pass

Miller2j.jpg (280585 bytes)

Miller - 2nd JH pass

(Judges gave him 9's in 3 categories!)



(photo not yet available)

Rowan - earns back-to-back passes

to FINISH his JH title!


Kris_MH4.JPG (177357 bytes)

Kristin - earns back-to-back MH passes.

Rock_SH4.JPG (160620 bytes)

Rock - earns back-to-back SH passes to FINISH his SH title!

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SBGSC_HT.jpg (130298 bytes)

GSCA-SBGSC Hunt Test committee

   (Sid Bosen unavailable at time of photo.)

worn-out.jpg (70308 bytes)

Worn out pup...

tiredpup.jpg (62718 bytes)

Miller too tired to even walk

 back to his truck to go home!

Irish Setter Hunt Test January 22-23

Miller3j.jpg (103335 bytes)

Miller gets his 3rd JH pass


kristinMH.jpg (144561 bytes)

Kristin - FINISHES her MH title!


hatonfire.jpg (518942 bytes)   ISCAonfire.jpg (88815 bytes)

Nina does the traditional HAT BURN.

English Setter Hunt Test February 5-6

millerJH.jpg (149614 bytes)

Miller - FINISHES his JH title!




more photos to come...