We appreciate your interest!

Do I have to OWN a dog to join?

Absolutely NOT.  We often encounter folks who had an Irish Setter years ago but do not currently live somewhere suitable for them.  We always welcome  persons who love the breed in any fashion even if they have never actually owned one.

Do I have to SHOW my dog?

Again...Absolutely NOT.  Although our members do offer two annual SPECIALTY SHOWS that are widely attended, we also share a love of the Irish that brings us together to do other fun stuff and just talk about our great dogs!

What can I do for FAMILY fun?

Just about the most FUN you can ever have with your dog and your family at the same time, is to join us for our casual club activities, including picnics, fun days, festivals, and of course --- the annual St Patrick's Day Parade!

What ACTIVITIES are involved?

The Irish is a very smart companion and some members compete in OBEDIENCE TRIALS.  Others enjoy their dogs with a strong working instinct in the field. The club currently offers HUNTING TESTS and may soon offer a FIELD TRIAL.

Is there any TRAINING offered? Although there are no formal classes offered through the club, several of our members train their own dogs and happily share suggestions privately and during our fun events and occasional "Bird Intro" day.

 I have a QUESTION that's not covered above!

We welcome any questions or comments about Irish Setters (Health Care, Vaccination Protocols, Grooming, Training, Temperament, etc.)  Please send all questions to the Secretary.  We promise a quick answer!!